Think how fun it will be when you say “Alexa play a new Bollywood song” while lying in bed and your favorite song will start.
Yes, it is possible Today, in this era of technology, many tasks are possible. Which could not be imagined before. An amazing example of the invention of technology is Artificial Intelligence i.e. “Artificial Intelligence.”
Now you must be thinking that what is Artificial Intelligence after all? But most of you will be using an AI-based device? Because in the present time, AI is not only used in big companies but also in house-to-house technology.
Have you ever seen ads on Google Home, Amazon Echo devices on TV or mobile? These devices work on the command given by you. Today, the importance of AI in various fields has increased manifold.
Therefore, understanding AI for each user involved in technology is the need of the hour. So in today’s article, we will know what AI is? How it works and how its use will increase manifold in the future.
What is AI

AI technology helps in finding solutions to a problem like the human mind. The main reason for the development of AI technology was the development of a machine by computer scientists who could think like human intelligence and be able to complete a task better.
Artificial intelligence works in the same way as human intelligence. Amazon Echo is a great example of AI technology. This device uses the Speech Recognition feature. In which, without touching a device by a human, it understands the words of a human being and obeys commands like a servant. Today we use AI technology in all smartphones. Free Google services like Google Ask, OK Google, Google Assistant are the result of artificial intelligence.
Understanding Artificial Intelligence Application with the help of a simple example, we usually use the brain to read and understand a book. On the other hand, if a photo of a page of that book is captured with the help of a translator present in the smartphone, then the translator app translates that page into Hindi with the help of artificial intelligence technology. So that we can read that page easily.
In this way, artificial intelligence helps in doing any work, which saves both time and energy of human beings.
In addition, Driverless cars work on AI technology. This car with no driver follows the safety rules and takes the passengers to the right place. However, if you think this is just a fantasy, and you think that in the present time, running such a car on the roads is just imagination. So maybe you are wrong because in many developed countries like America, Driverless vehicles working on Artificial Intelligence technology run on the roads. In this way, there are unlimited examples of AI technology and this technology is expanding.

Artificial Intelligence History

The history of artificial intelligence began in ancient times with false stories and artificial creatures. John McCarthy is called the grandfather of Artificial Intelligence. The first conversation about Artificial Intelligence Research was held during a summer vacation in 1956 at a workshop held on the campus of Dartmouth College.
The people present in this workshop were known as the leaders of AI research for many decades. At that time some of these leaders had the idea that “This machine based on human intelligence cannot work for more than a generation”. Leaders were given millions of dollars to realize the dream of this machine from many sources.
But unfortunately, they did not pay full attention to this project and in 1973 stopped giving money on behalf of American and British governments. This difficult time of Artificial Intelligence Research was later renamed, AI Winter.
But 7 years later, the Japanese government inspired investors to develop AI technology with billions of dollars in the future, keeping in mind artificial intelligence. But once again, due to lack of computer hardware capacity, investors stopped giving money.
AI made a boom in the market due to investment and increasing interest in Artificial Intelligence in the twenty-first century. Artificial intelligence was implemented to solve many problems in education and industry due to powerful computer hardware. And the present is in front of you.

In what areas is AI technology being used?

1. Agriculture

Yes, artificial intelligence is also being used in agriculture. AI technology performs research and development to achieve yield and increase crop yield.
New AI technology also predicts the time of preparation of crops which increases the efficiency of agriculture. Along with this, AI is helpful in monitoring soil and crops. AI technology uses new algorithms and data that are beneficial for protecting farmers from pests and for the good health of the crop.
Along with this, AI technology is used to optimize agriculture along with greenhouse automation, modeling, and simulation, etc.
2. Virtual Personal Assistant

Virtual personal assistants perform our tasks easily and fast. At present, there are many personal assistants like Google Assistant, Amazon Echo, Siri, etc. who work with different operating systems.
In simple words, it presents information to us fast on the basis of our words. For example, if you say to Google Assistant available on your Android smartphone, “OK Google!” Call to Punit at 10 Am Today ‘So in this case, the personal assistant based on the information on your phone, calls that person and helps you to do your tasks on time.
3. Online Customer Support

Many online websites offer online customer support in which the website answers the questions to help the user. But do you know that on many websites one person does not answer your questions, but on these sites, robots based on artificial intelligence work?
Those who answer the questions asked by the user based on the information available on the website. But these robots are slightly different from the automated response.
4. Video games

Do you know that AI technology has been used for many years in many video games? Technology has changed a lot in the last few years. In which Artificial Intelligence technology works on the basis of the user’s emotions, and the game provides different reactions.
5. Cybersecurity

According to the figures of loss of money due to global cybercrime, people have lost 400 billion dollars in wealth. Credit card fraud is the first place in this. Many attempts have been made to detect this fraud. More are still being done.
But AI technique has also been proposed to solve this problem because AI has the ability to study the algorithm in depth so that it is becoming popular.
Apart from this, AI technology is being used extensively in recommending movies to the user, increasing the security level, and using smart home devices.